Rules & Regulation




Owner of areal is Positron Sport Arena s.r.o., with company number 018 45 527, our registered office address is U Parku 379, 257 61 Pyšely.


Operator and service provider is Tachyon Sport Arena s.r.o, with company number 07829451, VAT CZ07829451, register office address is Kestřanská 133, Cholupice, 143 00 Praha 4.


The rules apply to all visitors.


We care about a nice and pleasant environment for all our guests, so please follow our rules and respect the instructions of all our employees. The operator and contact person is Karina Divišová, email, phone 602 451 225. There are pictograms and instructions for the use of individual equipment and spaces on the premises, but you can find the essentials here. Please read carefully. Thank you.


The area offers the possibility of spending your free time actively with dogs. The area is open during training or other events. Sports areas can only be used after prior reservation or with the consent of the operator. Accommodation is governed by the accommodation rules and regulations.


Visitors enter the area and engage in sports activities at their own risk and responsibility. The operator is not responsible for damages and injuries caused by users through their own carelessness or non-compliance with the operating rules. The legal representative is responsible for a minor who uses the premises. Always use sports equipment, e.g. obstacles, only for the purpose for which they are intended.


The area is accessible to disabled people. A map for safe movement in the area is available at the reception in the main building. The accessible toilet is located in the main building. The toilet is equipped with a safety button. In case you need to call for help, press the button, the operator immediately receives information from the security system via SMS and provides the necessary assistance or, if necessary, calls for additional help.


Visitors are forbidden to smoke and use open fire in all indoor areas of the building. The use of narcotic substances is prohibited in the entire area. Alcoholic beverages may only be sold to people who are 18 or older. The operator is entitled to ask an obviously intoxicated person to leave the premises, or call the police.


Visitors are prohibited from bringing firearms, explosives, poisonous substances, chemicals and other objects that threaten health and safety into the premises and handling them in any way. Fires prohibited in all areas of the complex, with the exception of places expressly designated and marked for this purpose, and even then, only with the consent and under the direct supervision of the operator. Fires must always be properly extinguished and must never be left unattended. Fires must never be lit in windy weather or when there is a fire ban in the area.


If you use the kitchen, never leave the appliances on unattended. Appliances may only be used by persons over the age of 18, under the supervision of an adult. Always wash and clean dishes and work surfaces after each use of the kitchen.


In special cases, the operating rules can be supplemented, or modified, in which case such information will be posted at the reception in the main building, or users will be introduced to it by some means of remote communication.



therefore, dogs can relieve themselves in the area, but under the following conditions:


a)    Each dog has a companion who always follows him and who immediately cleans up after him.

b)    Please always pick up after your dog. Do not allow your dog to eliminate on equipment and in all indoor and training areas. If the area is polluted, a fine is paid in the amount of 300 CZK or 12€.

c)     Dogs under 6 months of age are not allowed to enter the hall.

d)    Protect our property and please don't let dogs pee on buildings and corners.

e)    Females are sometimes in heat. We understand that and we want to give them the opportunity to stay with us to play, train and compete even on such days, but they must wear panties. The only exception is a competitive appearance in the event that the rules of the given discipline do not allow to wear panties. You can buy the panties in our shop or at pet stores.



and we try to ensure the same comfort and safety for all of them, which in our view means that:

a)    dogs are always under the direct supervision of their companion; they are never unattended.

b)    indoors, dogs are always on a leash, except when they are training. A break between training is not training.

c)     we don't want fights here, i.e., aggressive dogs are on a leash not only indoors, but also outdoors. The owner/handler is always responsible for their dog and the damage it causes



Everywhere. And we believe you like it too, that´s why we ask you to:

a)    put all trash in the trashcan please. Is the basket full? Please find another one. Didn't find another one? Please take your rubbish to the large containers located behind the hall or take your rubbish home.

b)    we treat the environment with respect, so we ask you to sort your waste carefully. There are many suitable containers in the area and it only takes a few steps. Please help us and do not throw waste outside the designated containers or in those that are not marked for that waste.

c)     dogs bring home mud, but not here. Only clean and dry dogs can come to the hall. If necessary, use our excellent facilities in the dressing rooms at the entrance to wash and dry them.

d)    always put on dry and clean shoes before entering the artificial grass. Never bring any food or drinks onto the artificial grass. We want it to serve us all as long as possible.




a)    an accident happens and your dog defecates in place where it is not allowed

b)    your dog runs freely in places where this is not allowed

c)     you move or park in places where this is not allowed,

d)    you don´t clean after your dog,

e)    you don´t clean up after yourself,

f)      a female is in heat and has no panties on,

g)    you do not respect other rules or instructions of our team


nothing really bad happens, but in each individual case you need to pay a fine of 300 CZK / 12 Euro. If you do not want to pay the fine, please do not break the rules or visit our premises.



The reservation of the area or individual areas can be made either electronically in the reservation system (preferably), or in person, by phone or email.


The price list is published on the website and is valid for reservations for the period from September 1, 2023 to August 31, 2024 for inside and from April 1st, 2023 to September 30th, 2023 for outside place. The operator reserves the right to change the price list. If the tenant does not agree with the price, he is entitled to cancel the reservation without any fees within 30 days from the publication of the new price list. The operator is entitled to request a deposit to confirm the reservation. In case of cancellation of the reservation, the tenant is obliged to pay the cancellation fee. If you cancel the reservation for more than three hours in one day less than 30 days in advance, the cancellation fee is 50%. If you cancel the reservation for more than three hours in one day less than 15 days in advance, the cancellation fee is 100%. When canceling a reservation for three hours or less in one day less than 7 days in advance, the amount of the cancellation fee is 50% and 100% if you cancel the reservation less than 3 days in advance.


The price for training and renting areas is always payable in advance to the bank account that we will inform you of when confirming the rental/training. In exceptional cases, e.g., last-minute rental or after agreement with the lessor/trainer, it is possible to pay in cash on the spot or by credit card.

All prices include VAT. We will send you the tax document upon request.




Parking is only allowed in parking lots. Please never park elsewhere, and especially don't drive onto the lawn. Some parking areas are reserved, please respect this.


The maximum permitted speed in the entire area is 10 km/h. Our areal is intended for people and dogs and they can move freely here. When using roads be extremely cautious to avoid accidents and respect road signs. Raise your feet when walking, don't climb our rock-garden and if the weather is bad and the terrain is slippery, walk carefully. We are not responsible for any injuries.



and you don't like our rules, there's no need to argue about anything. Please leave our premises immediately, find one that will better suit your needs and do not return to us. If you are asked to leave the premises, please leave immediately. If you have already paid for an hour or stay, we are very sorry, but we are not responsible for the fact that your money has been lost. We have the right to say which guests we do not want on the premises. All our tenants and associates must respect this and observe the ban on entry.


Thank you and we look forward to your visit!


Tachyon Sport Arena Team